Part Exchange

Part exchange your vehicle

If you’re looking to buy a new car, you might be wondering what to do with your
current vehicle. We understand that the most difficult part of upgrading or
changing your car is navigating the minefield of disposing of or selling your old
car. We can help you take any hassle out of this process by offering part
exchange deals. 
As a thank you for buying a car from us we will give you a competitive valuation
for your old vehicle to help reduce the price of your car. Even if you don’t end up
buying a vehicle from us, we might still be interested in buying your car, so give
us a call to discuss your options. 
There are plenty of ‘sell your car’ services available, however, we are an
excellent alternative for three main reasons: 

  1. Competitive Valuation – We will always offer a fair and competitive
    valuation based on an inspection of your vehicle. If you’re buying a vehicle
    from us, this means your next car will end up costing you less.
  2. Hassle Free – Simply switch the vehicles when you collect or have your
    next car delivered. We will also help you take care of the paperwork,
    offering peace of mind. 
  3. Expert Service – Our team has many years of experience and knows these
    vehicles inside out. We will always offer you the best advice, helping you
    maximise the value of your old vehicle and get the best deal on your new

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    Please note: This is not an application for part-exchange and you are under no obligation to accept any part-exchange that may be offered to you. This form is simply a facility for us to make enquiries into any potential part-exchange deal that may be available to you. Written quotations are available on request.